LeRoy Pennysaver & News

LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - NOVEMBER 26, 2017 Candlelight Tours – Sat., Dec. 2nd & Sun., Dec. 3rd by Lynne Belluscio If you’ve heard about the Christmas Candle- light Tours of LeRoy House and want to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity for this once a year historic event, call 768-7433 to get your tickets. There are only three tours this year. Satur- day, December 2 at 3pm and 7pm and Sunday December 3 at 3 pm. Tickets are $5 for adults and $1 for children. (All children must be accom- panied by an adult. Not ap- propriate for children under 6. ) There are only 40 tick- ets per performance. Plan to bring your children and grandchildren and enjoy an old fashioned Christmas. Mr. Parmelee is still excitedly telling everyone about the gas lit Christmas tree he plans to build. He’s returning from Rochester with some little gas jets. He’s been working with Jim McKenzie and Gideon Ford- ham, Superintendent of the gas works. He already has plans to display his gas lit tree at Starr Hall on the cor- ner of Bank Street. His wife has been stringing popcorn for their tree and she’s not sure if she likes the idea of the gas jets. Come, sit and string popcorn and listen to what happens. In the back parlor, some of the Ingham students are excited about putting up their first Christmas tree, just like the one they read about in the newspaper that Queen Victoria decorated for her children. There will be can- dles and small presents. You can help make some paper decorations and a cornucopia to take home for your tree. Although the tradi- tion of sending Christmas cards has disappeared, we will give everyone the op- portunity to use pen and ink to write a Christmas message to your friends on old-fash- ioned Christmas cards. So practice your cursive writing and who knows, you might revive an old tradition. We’ll even have stamps ready and we can save you a trip to the post office. (If you have fourth grade students in your family, ask them to tell you about their “One Room School” experience at LeRoy House.) In the downstairs kitchen, Mrs. LeRoy’s cook has been getting ready for the holidays. She has been reading the Dutch recipes in Mrs. LeRoy’s recipe book and has chosen some special treats, ginger nuts, wafers, honey cake, and pufferties. She might even let you sam- ple some. LeRoy House will be decorated for the holiday season, and we hope you’ll stop by and visit.