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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - NOVEMBER 19, 2017 Mayor’s Corner FLOOR & HOME Hrs: Mon-Wed 8:30-5:30 Thurs-Fri 8:30-7:30 Sat 8:30-3 pm Visit Our Showroom at 651 E. Main Or On The Web: www.willscarpetonebatavia.com The ONE store for your perfect floor. Store H urs: Mon.-Wed. 8:30-5:30,Thurs. & Fri. 8:30-7, Sat 8:30-3 651 E. Main St. ph: 585*343*7830 Batavia, NY 14020 fax: 585-343-0875 CHECK OUT OUR Luxury Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Plank Flooring Starting @ $2.25 SQ FT materials only Also on Sale - IN-STOCK Laminate and Sheet Vinyl Flooring Professional Installation Available Financing Available for Qualified Customers Free Estimates Sale! AROUND TOWN by Stephen R. Barbeau Supervisor, Town of LeRoy (585) 768-6190 x 231 At its November meet- ing, the Town Board adopted the budget for the 2018 fiscal year. The tax rate remains at .90 per thousand for the sixth consecu- tive year. We were able to main- tain our high level of services (in fact, I expect to be announcing some enhancements after the first of the year), address some highway equipment needs, and absorb some increases in utili- ties and employee health insur- ance. I want to thank the depart- ment heads for their practical approach to the budget process and the town board for prioritiz- ing with an eye on the future. One of the most nota- ble accomplishments to come from 2017 will be discussed at a joint town/village public hearing on Tuesday, November 28, 7:00 PM, in the court room of the Town Hall. For the better part of the year, the joint Planning Board, the Town Board, and the Village Board have been review- ing a proposed “Vacant Building Registry of LeRoy, New York.” This proposed new code for both the town and village will be discussed at this joint pub- lic hearing. You may view this proposed code at www.leroyny. org (town link- right on front page). The intent of this new local law is to address the issue of vacant/abandoned buildings in our community. You know the ones we are talking about, as you have driven/walked by them every day for, in some cases, many years. This does NOT affect snow birds who leave their homes for the winter (seasonally vacant), buildings that someone has purchased and are empty while renovations are underway to occupy (temporar- ily vacant), buildings that are actively for sale at reasonable market prices that are vacant for a reasonable period of time (temporarily vacant), and some other reasonable exceptions. This will also not be a fine. It will be a fee (tax) assessed to owners of buildings (not vacant land) who do not contact the Property Maintenance Officer with a plan/time line to renovate and occupy, sell, or demolish the abandoned building. These properties will now be taxed for the “privilege” of remaining va- cant, as we all know what these buildings do to the values of surrounding properties. Bottom line is that the town and village boards are actively trying to improve the community by reducing the three dozen or so blighted va- cant buildings that have plagued us for many years. It is hoped that some owners of these prop- erties may be moved to reno- vate/occupy, sell, or demolish through a financial disincentive in allowing them to remain abandoned. Have a great Thanks- giving and see you Around Town. SCREEN PRINTING