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Our Store is a Good Place to

Come for Your Christmas Gifts

This was the ad for Ryan

Brothers Hardware Store

in the 1918 LeRoy Gazette.

They offered safety razors,

“in neat Plush-Lined Box-

es.” Or chose from a variety

of carving sets, with a knife,

fork and steel – “everyone

is guaranteed.” There were

five styles of Bissell carpet

sweepers that would “please

mother, wife, or sister.”

Coffee percolators and tea-

pots were considered ideal

gifts. There was a “good

stock of carpenter and ma-

chinists’ tools.” The “Self

Basting Enamel Roaster”

(my mother-in-law had one

of these) was pictured in

Ryan’s ad. For boys and

girls, Ryan advertised skates

and sleds “that will not go

to pieces in the first snow

storm.” They carried Flexible

Fliers and Adjustable Ice

Skates.” “We have enough

good Knives to furnish ev-

ery man and boy in town

with one and every one

warranted.” Ryan promised

that they could “help solve

the perplexing GIFT Prob-


Well the Jell-O Mu-

seum gift shop can’t offer

machinists’ tools, or Bissell

carpet sweepers, but we

might be able to solve

perplexing GIFT problems.

We have a nice selection of

cookbooks and bright red

Jell-O aprons. Of course,

we offer the iconic Jell-O

T-shirts, as well at the Jell-O

logo black T-shirt. The

shelves are filled with col-

orful Jell-O sweatshirts.

And for that “special some-

one” we have all sizes of

Rough on Rats shirts. Most

of you know that we carry

Jell-O boxer shorts “Watch it

Wiggle – See it Jiggle.”

We just stocked Jell-O

giraffe tin boxes filled

with color pencils. This

summer we ordered small

Jell-O puzzles from the same

company and they sell quick-

ly, so make sure you stop by

and buy one before they are

gone. The LeRoy afghans

are great gifts, and we have

a nice selection of pewter

Jell-O Christmas ornaments.

Traditionally, books

have been Christmas presents.

Early in the 1800s, when

gift giving at Christmas time

became popular, books were

often chosen. When chil-

dren’s books became popular,

a child would receive a book

at Christmas. At the Histor-

ical Society, we have many

books in the collection with

a short note in the front, in-

dicating that the book was

given at Christmas. Well,

the gift shop has several

books to chose from: I

strongly suggest “LeRoy”,

by Lynne Belluscio; and

we have a few “History

Savers” from last year – a

collection of Pennysaver

articles; Tom MacPherson’s

“CrossingCultures- ASicilian

and American Family in

Western New York” is a

bargain at $12; Brian

Duddy’s book about the

Donald Woodward Airport

is a great book to read; and

we have several other history

books of interest.

The museum gift

shop is open the week before

Christmas but will close early





noon. The Museum will

be open on December 26

and through the week, but

will close at noon on New

Year’s Eve. During three

mon t h s , Ja nu a r y, Fe b r u a r y

and March the Museum is

only open Monday through

Friday 10 to 4. We will be




exhibit for our 20th anniver-

sary in 2017.

Christmas special - buy a Jell-O animal and receive a free color-changing

cup with the recipe for the delicious Jell-O Fruit Flavor Milk Shake. Cups

change color when the cold milk shake is served.

LeRoy’s collectible T-shirt

LeRoy Afghan

JELL-O mugs

A wide selection of Jell-O T-Shirts