LeRoy Pennysaver & News

LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - JUNE 26, 2016 Summer Programs For Kids by Lynne Belluscio A few years ago, someone said to me “Kids aren’t interested in history” and I quickly shot back, “Then I guess you haven’t seen the kids when they come to LeRoy House!” After last year’s popular Hands-On-Histo- ry classes here at LeRoy House we decided to offer some more classes again this year. They are open to kids who have completed third, fourth, fifth or sixth grade. The cost is $3 per class. You can register for classes by calling 768-7433 between 10 and 4 (or leave a message on the machine). The schedule is also printed in the LeRoy Summer Recreation booklet that the kids brought home from school. All classes are open to boys and girls. All classes meet on the back porch of LeRoy House from 1 pm until 3 pm. July 20, Baskets 1 - Make a small splint berry basket. This class filled quickly last year. July 22, Candles - (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE REC- REATION BOOKLET) – Make a dipped and a molded candle and a clay candle holder. July 25, Baskets 2 - Make a small egg basket with a handle. July 27, Spinning and Weaving - It’s not difficult to learn how to spin some wool into yarn and then weave it into a small mat. August 3, Carpentry - Choose from a wooden game board or a wooden tote to make and take home. August 5, Spend a day in the 1830s - Play some old fashioned games. Make some lemonade from scratch and learn about the Le- Roy children. Make a small game to take home. Learn to walk on stilts, roll hoops, throw quoits and see who can make the most points playing skittles. August 8, Spend a day in 1864 - Pitch a Civil War tent and learn about camp life. Read a diary of a Le- Roy soldier. Help decorate the Civil War monument on Trigon Park and help sew an American flag. August 10, Jell-O Olympics - (This program is free, but it is necessary to register.) This is just an afternoon of fun, games, and activities. There are relays, ob- stacle courses, scavenger hunts, eating contests, a few surprises, and plenty of prizes for everyone. Guess the different red flavors. Create your own concoction and try your hand at some Jell-O art. Class size is limited so make sure you register as soon as you can. Registration will also be available at the Historical Society tent on Trigon Park during the Oatka Festival.