Theatre Association of New York State For more information ... visit us on the web at ... Inside This Issue: Cover President's Letter Pg. 2 Recap of TANYS TOUGH Pg. 3 More TANYS Workshops Pg. 4 Notes from the Administrative Secretary Pg. 4 Note from the 2021 Festival Chair Pg. 5 2020 TANYS Honors Pg. 6 TANYS TOUGH: 2020 Awards Pg. 7 BMI Design Competion Commentary Pg. 8 TANYS Seeks Additions to Adjudication Team Pg. 8 2021 Important Adjudication News Pg. 9 Member News From Oswego Players Pg. 9 A Quick Note From TANYS President Pg. 10 Contact TANYS Pg. 10 Membership Levels Pg. 11 Renew Now for 2021 Dear Members, There is no doubt to the fact that this past year's pandemic has delt a devastating blow to the Arts! However, the past year has also proven that Artists are a strong and visionary lot! Theatres across New York State (and our Nation) have risen above the 'COVID Challenge' to prove that, when put to the test, the Arts, and basically our human need to communicate and express ourselves, can surmount just about any obstacle put in our way. In other words, “the show must go on!” Theatre, Music, Dance and Visual Artists have explored and learned new technologies; moving to virtual platforms to produce admirable showcases for thousands to watch online and enjoy. Our TANYS adjudicators have been able to attend and respond to many virtual productions this year. Obviously, you can't keep a good thing (Art) down! TANYS was also faced with such a challenge when it came to the annual State Theatre Festival. We are happy to report that our 2020 virtual Festival (TANYS TOUGH, The Power of Theatre) was a success. Also, during the Festival we learned some new lessons that helped us grow and move forward as an organization into this "new age." Because of the popularity and success of our Festival online workshops, we have formed a committee to develop and plan more online workshops to be offered throughout the year. In this way, we will be able to bridge the time between Festivals with educational and informative sessions available to all our members and member companies throughout the future. You will be able to attend these workshops from the comfort of your own home. You can read more about this exciting opportunity within this Callboard. Another new offering that emerged during our past Festival is our new "TANYS YouTube Channel." Member companies can now showcase their organizations on this channel with videos promoting their productions, histories and unique programs. It is a great platform to make your theatre visible statewide and, hopefully, encourage even more networking and interaction between theatre companies. We encourage you to send us your company videos to post on the channel. Be sure to go to the channel now to see the companies that have already posted their informative videos and a few other surprises! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new TANYS Board members: Karen Christina Jones (Albany), Roger Paolini (Buffalo), Gary DeWitt Marshall (Rochester) and Joey Bucheker (Buffalo) and thank them for agreeing to serve. If you would like to be considered for a future Board position, please let me or Colleen Law-Tefft know. We are always looking for individuals from different parts of the State with new ideas and energy to keep this organization healthy and viable. Lastly, of course, we all look forward to being able to gather together again, face to face, for a traditional Festival. I am happy to report that currently, if NYS continues its progress in fighting this pandemic, we are looking forward to gathering in Rome, NY in November for Festival 2021; The TANYS Family Reunion. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and keep the faith!! Michael C. Krickmire, MFA Lecturer in Theatre Coordinator of Stage Management Callboard - Volume XVIII • Issue 1 • Spring 2021 Dept. of Theatre & Music Studies President, Theatre Association of New York State President, Rochester Community Players