Callboard Callboard - Volume XVII • Issue 2 • Fall 2020 For more information ... visit us on the web at ... Theatre Association of NewYork State Inside This Issue: Cover A Note From The TANYS President Michael Krickmire Pg. 2 TANYS Tough: The Power of Theatre 2020 Virtual Festival Pg. 3 TANYS Tough: The Power of Theatre 2020 Virtual Festival Keynote Speakers Pg. 4 TANYS Tough: The Power of Theatre 2020 Virtual Festival Schedule & Workshops Pg. 5-9 Workshop Descriptions and Workshop Leader Bio's Pg. 10 2020 Organizational Memberships Pg. 11 AACT 2021 News from Bob Frame Pg. 11 Note to Our Organizational and Individual Members Pg. 12 BMI Supply Inc. Design Competion and Exhibition Pg. 12 Board Member Slate for 2021 Pg. 13 TANYS Tough: The Power of Theatre 2020 Virtual Festival Merchandise Pg. 13 TANYS Awards Pg. 14 2020 Individual Memberships & Levels Pg. 15 Renew Now for 2021 A Note From The TANYS President Dear Members, As I wrote in the Spring Callboard "rest assured we will keep the safety and health of our membership foremost in our minds when a final TANYS Board decision is made as to gathering in Rome NY in November ... for Festival 2020." Sadly, but we believe wisely, the decision was made to forgo the traditional Festival this year. However, when were handed this basket of bitter lemons we said why not make up a batch of great lemonade? As many of you may already know we will be offering a Virtual State Conference on the same November weekend as the "in-person" Festival would have taken place. This actually created an exciting opportunity for TANYS; as we are now able to offer our membership something that past Festival weekends have never really given us enough time to offer. Workshops, workshops and more workshops!! Not only two days of plentiful virtual workshops covering just about every aspect of theatre by respected authorities in their field, but also keynote addresses by two well-known national celebrities of Stage and TV; John Cariani and Mimi Kennedy! You will read more about them in the pages of this issue of Callboard. We are also excited that this has given TANYS another opportunity to grow and give individuals and theatre organizations even more reason to become, or remain, a part of the TANYS family! Prior to this virtual event, member theatres will be asked to submit a promotional video highlighting the history, programs, venues and virtues of your organization. Not only will these videos be shown during the breaks between conference workshops and events but, here is the exciting will help us establish a TANYS YouTube Channel as a new on-going program. This Channel will continue after the conference, providing the opportunity for member theatres to promote their name and the great work they do. Again, you will read more about this new development within the pages of this Callboard. I have to take this opportunity thank the Virtual Conference Task Force for all of their hard work and dedication in making this alternative event possible. Myself along with Board members Colleen Law-Tefft, Ann Frame, Craig Hutchison, Paul Nelson and Administrative Secretary John Parker spent many hours and many summer meetings in the creation of this Festival. Thank You to all of you! But the biggest thanks goes to committee chair Cindy Nagle who did the lion's share of work by Captaining the "S.S. TANYS COVID" Ship safely and solidly into dock. Her creativity, her guidance and her willingness to go 'above and beyond' are truly appreciated by all of us on the committee and the TANYS Board. Cindy's energy, dedication and commitment are what has really made this event as exciting and wonderful as I know it will be. TANYS family; this is going to be one great weekend of education, fun and comradery! Don't miss it! (And yes, the Festival will return to Rome NY in November 2021). Michael Krickmire, TANYS President