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Main Street District Listed on the
National Register of  Historic Places

by Lynne Belluscio

On December 5, the LeRoy Downtown Historic District was officially added to the New York State Register of Historic Places and on February 6, the district was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places.

A lot of credit for the success of the nomination goes to Derek King of the Preservation Studios in Buffalo. He was hired to write the nomination and it was a daunting task.  At first it was to include Main Street from the Main Street bridge west to just beyond the intersection of Route 19, and to include the Keeney home, which is already on the National Register, but the district was enlarged, at the request of the NYS regional representative. The Historic District now extends to 61 and 62 West Main Street. Derek spent quite a bit of time gathering information from the files at the Historical Society.  One source of information is a survey that was done in the 1970s of many of the historic buildings in LeRoy. Those “blue sheets” are on file at the Historical Society and provided much necessary information for the state nomination.  The state also conducted a survey of buildings along Route 5 that would be eligible and the information from that survey also contributed to the narration submitted for the nomination.

The new district includes about 33 acres with 67 primary buildings and 13 secondary buildings. Only 5 buildings are considered “non contributing.” (Walgreens, Bank of Castile, McDonalds, an apartment building west of the American Legion and the Knights of Columbus. The water tower is also in the district and is a non-contributing structure.)   There are four buildings in the new district that are already included on the National Register of Historic Places:  the Keeney Home and carriage house at 13 West Main Street, designated in 1980; the U.S. Post Office designated in 1989; and the Presbyterian Church and manse on Clay Street, which received their designation in 2014.




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