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The Collections

by Lynne Belluscio

I finally had to pack up the toys and games in the exhibit room to get ready for the new exhibit that will open on May 3rd at the annual meeting of the Historical Society. So back in the boxes went the Parcheesi game, the Chinese Checkers and the old puzzles. It was kind of sad - - like Toy Story - -games and toys that at one time brought joy and fun to kids, are now back in their acid-free boxes in storage. But in their place is a lot of different “stuff” for everyone to take a look at. The new exhibit will focus on the 75th Anniversary of the Historical Society. Probably the most intriguing part of the exhibit will be about the collections that have come to the Historical Society in the last 75 years.

I have picked out a few things from the many different collections that are usually not on exhibit, including these two recently purchased Lapp Insulator badges which we think date from World War II. (In fact, if anyone knows who these people might be, call me at the office - -768-7433).

I’ve also included a piece of sheet music for the Rough On Rats song. I pulled out some interesting advertising pieces, a Lapp Lumber nail apron, and a couple of Lapp insulators from the exhibit two years ago, including a piece of Flameware manufactured there.

We already have a LeRoy Plow exhibit in the basement of the Academic Building, as well as a case about N.B. Keeney and LeRoy Plow, but I thought I’d include in the new exhibit a few things about LeRoy Salt Company – including the brick of salt.  Perhaps the wooden Union Steel Chest and some tools from the collection that came from the Roy McPherson farm. I don’t have a lot of space but I’ll find room for a Selinger beer bottle and an Elm Dairy bottle and a couple of things that were donated by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1942 when LeRoy House opened.     READ MORE

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