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The Stockings Were Hung

By The Chimney With Care

by Lynne Belluscio

When I was in California two weeks ago, I told my son, since he was on his way to China and wouldn’t be back until a couple of days before Christmas, that I’d go shopping for Christmas stockings for the three kids. I knew he just wouldn’t have time.

The tradition of Christmas stockings has always been important in my family. As a kid, I would hang a sock on the corner of the bed and in the morning it would be replaced with a Christmas stocking filled with little presents and candy – and always an orange in the toe. There were plenty of walnuts, and chocolate candy wrapped in foil, and at least one candy cane. I remember the gold foil wrapped chocolate coins in a little gold net bag.  There was always a box of candy cigarettes.

We didn’t have a fireplace, so I figured that hanging the stocking on the bed post was the next best thing. What I learned as I got older, my father decided it was a good “stall tactic.” I would wake up at 4 in the morning and want to go downstairs to open presents.  “Lynne, open your stocking first, and then go back to sleep for a little while and then you can go downstairs.” So my children had stockings on the bedpost for the early years. Eventually the stockings were on the fireplace, but the stockings had to be opened first, before the presents under the tree.   READ MORE

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