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Never Know What

I’ll Find On ebay

by Lynne Belluscio

February 2015 - Cold night in front of the pellet stove. Cats are curled up in all the chairs. Television reception terrible as usual. Can’t watch Antique Roadshow so am surfing ebay for “interesting” stuff.

Bought a piece of red transfereware circa 1830 in my pattern to add to my collection. Found a used quilted jacket, but it was the wrong size. Discovered some LeRoy postcards that we didn’t have in the collection at the Historical Society: A set of black and white postcards of the Mary Lew Tearoom and Guest House.

Liked the sleeping porch picture. Took a chance on a post card of the canons on Trigon Park. Was pretty sure we didn’t have it in the collection. (Checked today, and sure enough we didn’t have this postcard of the canons). Found two snap shots of either a kitchen utensil show or a store display  - - not too sure which - -  but there were lots of Jell-O molds in the display. Suspect the photos are from the 60s or 70s. Great picture of a little girl playing with a wooden Jell-O box and a photo of a grocery store with Jell-O ads in the window.  READ MORE

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