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New York State History Month

by Lynne Belluscio

Someone declared November “New York History Month.” So I thought I’d give you a pop quiz.  See how well you do.

1. Dutch colonists established a small settlement at Fort Orange in: 1620  1624 1730 or 1734?

2. New Netherland was captured in 1664 by: the Indians –the Dutch – the French  - the English?

3. In the 18th century, in 1720, New York’s population consisted of 16%: Swedish – German – Irish – Slaves?

4. The trial of John Peter Zengler in 1735 established the rights of: freemen – women – the press – churches?

5. In August 1776, the largest fleet assembled in the 18th century – over 30,000 British sailors and soldiers were moored at Staten Island. New York City remained under British control throughout the Revolution after the city was abandoned by: General George Washington – General Gates – General Benedict Arnold  - General Sullivan?

6. The Revolutionary War event which came closest to LeRoy was:  Battle of Ticonderoga – Battle of Saratoga – Clinton-Sullivan Campaign – Battle of Black Rock?


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