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The Woman And The Car

by Lynne Belluscio

“The Woman and the Car – A Chatty Little Handbook for the Edwardian Motoriste”

On our recent trip to Pittsburgh, I found an interesting book at the museum shop at the Frick Museum.  They have a nice collection of carriages and early automobiles, and this reprint of a 1909 book, gives advice to the “Edwardian Motoriste.” It was written by Dorothy Levitt and she shared many ideas for the female driver.  Since our 1908 Cadillac was purchased and driven by a woman, I thought we needed to have a copy in our library.

Dorothy Levitt was the “premier woman motorist and botorist of the world.” (I checked “botorist” and discovered that it was a word to describe people who drive motorized boats.)  She raced cars in England, France and Germany.  The chapters in her book include the upkeep and cost of accessories; what to wear; understanding the mechanics of the car; how to drive them; motor manners; a woman’s guide to technical terms; and comments of various makes of automobiles.  Here are some excerpts from “The Woman and the Car – A chatty Little Handbook for the Edwardian Motoriste”:




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