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Shirley Garner - The Leader Of The Band

by Lynne Belluscio

Shirley Garner’s (Kinsella) white satin majorette uniform with gold trim has been hanging on the back of the library door since July 2013 and I thought is would be appropriate to put it in the new 2015 exhibit at LeRoy House. We also have the hat and the silver baton. It was brought to the Historical Society after Shirley died. She had told me all about the uniform and I was very interested in preserving the uniform, but more importantly, her story.

When her niece brought the uniform in, pinned to the hanger, written on yellow paper was Shirley’s story ... In high school she was a very talented baton twirler and when she tried out for the LeRoy High School Band as the majorette, she outperformed all the other girls. As she said in the note, she had taught most of them how to twirl a baton. She was selected to be the majorette, but due to - - as she puts it - - a “class” action of the school officials, she was told that whoever was leading the band had to buy their own uniform. She always believed that the school officials knew that her family didn’t have the money to buy the uniform, and in their own way, were going to prevent her from being the majorette.  READ MORE

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