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No More The Bugle Calls

by Lynne Belluscio

The Historical Society offers a wide variety of hands-on-history programs for the students at the Wolcott Street School and this next year, we hope to expand some of the programs.

One of the programs is based on the Civil War and we hope to offer the students a brief look at what it was like when 240 men from LeRoy were gone to fight what was known as the “War of the Rebellion.” Every family was touched by what was going on. Women and children were scrapping lint and rolling bandages. Others were packing small boxes of food and clothing to send to the soldiers while others were writing letters.

Myron Pierson’s sisters sewed a flag that they flew at their house, while other women sewed a flag that was carried into battle.  Soldiers were billeted in the buildings at the end of Church Street and they drilled and marched in preparation for being called to duty.  They also walked into town and serenaded the young girls at Ingham University and attended services at the Presbyterian Church.

News from the front was reported in the LeRoy Gazette and families waited for lists of wounded and fatalities. We will have each student write the name of one soldier on a ribbon and tie it to a flag.  Then the flags will be displayed around the Soldier’s Monument at Trigon Park as they go back to school as a reminder of the sacrifices that this community made to preserve the union and to guarantee freedom for all people.  READ MORE


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