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“Two For $20”

by Lynne Belluscio

 If you have ever wanted to outfit your entire football team, or soccer team, or family, or all your grandchildren in Jell-O T-shirts, now is the time!! For the month of October, we are having a huge sale on the original Jell-O box T- shirts. We’re offering the T-shirts at the 1991 price. My suggestion is to buy them while we have the sizes and colors you want.

All of you folks from Syracuse University need orange shirts.  The first Jell-O shirts were sold in the spring of 1991 - - I think.  I know that we needed a way to raise money to have original Jell-O paintings restored for the exhibit at the Strong Museum and the Jell-O Company wasn’t interested in helping, so we decided to sell T-Shirts. We placed an order and they were sold out immediately and we didn’t have any left to sell at the Oatka Festival, so we took orders.

I remember the day they were delivered - - hundreds of them.  We set out large grocery bags with the names of the people who had ordered shirts and filled orders.  One large raspberry, two small lemons, one extra large orange.  The bags filled the floors of the front parlor of LeRoy House.  Then when the Jell-O exhibit opened at the Strong Museum in Rochester, everyone wanted to wear their Jell-O shirts, but we still didn’t have a licensing agreement with Jell-O to use their logo.



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