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Waiting For The Plinth

by Lynne Belluscio

As most of you know the Statue of Liberty on the creekbank was removed last year and was taken to McKay Lodge Art Conservation Lab in Oberlin, Ohio. She was repaired and refinished and a few weeks ago, I went out to pick her up and bring her back to LeRoy. Thank you to the folks at Orcon, who built a special padded crate for her trip.

The next step is to replace the cement base - - - more properly called a plinth. The original plinth was cast in place by B.R. Dewitt which included the eleven point star at the base. The plinth was carefully measured and drawn.  We sent out for bids. Four different cement companies were contacted and Southside Concrete in Buffalo offered the best price.

In the meantime, Bob Lathan at the Village DPW said that they would be able to remove the old plinth. We had no idea what was under it. But as it was lifted up, the whole foundation came with it. What was left was a rather deep hole, which is great, since a new foundation had to be poured.  No problem, Bob made sure the cement was ordered, and a new foundation was poured this last week.

I checked with Southside Concrete and Derrick Monument to make sure we had a plan to set the new plinth on the foundation, and they both suggested using a soft mortar layer. So we know how to set the new plinth when it arrives which I have discovered, may be only a few days before we hope to rededicate the statue on Saturday of Oatka Festival.

In the meantime, the Statue of Liberty was in the land office of the LeRoy House, but I thought she would look better on the second floor in the exhibit room, so I asked the two guys from Stafford Painters, who were here painting the back porch, if they could move the Statue upstairs. Not a problem and up she went. (If you want to stop and have your picture taken with her, LeRoy House is open weekends).



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